A sanctuary where I can talk about anything and everything I've experienced, heard, witnessed and lived in. This is a blog that talks about no specific thing, it's just anything that I'm currently in love or heart broken about.  Whether  BLeaving somewhere out in the world of possibilities with my travels or BComing back to the comforts of the familiar things  I can find home in. This is me living the life. 

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A Series of Letters to No One...

0 Advanced issues found▲   A Series of Letters to No One... these are just love letters.

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Trolls (Movie Review)

                                              HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE— that’s what one of my close friend would usually say, in fact you could say this is her motto in life.

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After six years it's as if nothing happened at all...

            We all have that kind of heartache that ultimately became the catalyst of every change we make in our lives.

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Let's head North,,,,

Let's head North....     In all my experiences in traveling I always have this philosophy to live by and that is --- you don't need to travel too far and spend too much to get away from whatever stress you're running away from and or to find a beautiful sanctuary of peace, where you can just relax and experience everything that's there to experience right at that moment.

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