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A Series of Letters to No One...

0 Advanced issues found▲   A Series of Letters to No One... these are just love letters.

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Trolls (Movie Review)

                                              HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE— that’s what one of my close friend would usually say, in fact you could say this is her motto in life.

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After six years it's as if nothing happened at all...

            We all have that kind of heartache that ultimately became the catalyst of every change we make in our lives.

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Let's head North,,,,

Let's head North....     In all my experiences in traveling I always have this philosophy to live by and that is --- you don't need to travel too far and spend too much to get away from whatever stress you're running away from and or to find a beautiful sanctuary of peace, where you can just relax and experience everything that's there to experience right at that moment.

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It happened a year ago on a Sunday afternoon....

Previous Next It happened one Sunday afternoon....                                   I know this is not really something that I normally write about especially if it's supposed to be something that was to have me talk about food.

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A Love Letter for No One. 

A Love Letter for No One.  Dear You,                            Where do I even begin? I can honestly say there are times when I've totally given up on you.

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Ichiran is JaFUN!

Ichiran is JaFUN! A little something about your topic THE BEST RAMEN EVER!!!!      Where should I even begin? Well it was raining ,my legs are pretty much soaked up despite the fact that I already do have a transparent umbrella with me, still walking under the rain in Japan wasn't exactly as romantic as I thought it would be.

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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

When was the last time you did something for the first time?                   After months of planning and actually saving up everyday for a year we are finally embarking on the long awaited trip to the places we’ve literally only seen in movies and read about in blogs, or at least that’s just me.

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Why I haven't been writing in a while....

Why I haven't been writing in a while.... a lot of things has happened and I can't wait to tell you about it!!!                            It's been two months since I last written a blog post for which I know it's not very professional of me to consider myself as a writer and yet the last thing in my mind for the past few months have been to write.

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Please beer with me... 

                             I've once read somewhere that for anyone to be able to write well about something, the topic should be something that you are knowledgeable about.

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