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    Where should I even begin? Well it was raining ,my legs are pretty much soaked up despite the fact that I already do have a transparent umbrella with me, still walking under the rain in Japan wasn't exactly as romantic as I thought it would be. While walking through the busy streets of Shibuya, you can't help but feel a bit hungry so we decided to look for this Ramen house we keep hearing about. So Ichiran Ramen House has over hundreds of branches all across Japan, it is well known and has been in business for many years serving just one thing that made them famous all throughout Japan and the rest of the world, respectfully their pork tonkatsu ramen. .  I am no Ramen connoisseur but I do love to eat it though, it is one of my favorite forms of comfort food and since it was raining there's nothing better than to get your face lost in a hot steaming bowl of spicy Ramen. 

      Eating is an experience and I'm not just talking about the food, I'm talking about the whole thing--- the complete package. And let me just say the whole experience at Ichiran is one I will definitely go back for every time I go to Japan---- because it is an understatement for me to say that the Ramen I consumed was delicious, I feel as though I'm not able to give justice of the taste that sent my tongue into a frenzy of flavors but I will certainly try my best to somehow impart everything that I sensed at that moment even the feelings I felt. It makes me wonder what my reaction would be if I was able to eat at an authentic traditional ramen house, because Ichiran though superbly tasteful is considered their fast food of Ramen houses, consider it to be a Japanese version of Jollibee. Yummy but not exactly the real thing...get what I mean?

Why choose Us?

this is the questionnaire I was talking about. 

as seen with the image above this piece of paper will determine your preference and for your to customize the overall taste of your Ramen. 

Why choose Us?

interior of ichiran ramen

This is what I meant about the tables having partitions and the bar type design, with hooks for your bags and things, stool chairs and etc. 

Why choose Us?

this is the vending machine 

this is where you will first order your Ramen and all it's sides. 

 So upon entering the Ramen house you will then be greeted by either of the two; 1. A receptionist to guide you and ask how many people you are with so that she can give you a table 2. A line- because people really do line us to get a taste of the Ramen. Whether it's a short or long line please do wait because I tell you right now ICHIRAN RAMEN IS WORTH THE WAIT!!! 

Before entering the "restaurant" you are asked to order with their vendo machine so of course you need to order the Ramen, and then you just need to order the sides or any additional things you would want to be added to your Ramen --- you can add more pork slices, nori, gohan, more minced garlic,salted hard boiled egg,  mushrooms, more noodles, more green onions and etc. What you get from the vending machines are pretty much like ticket stabs that will indicate your order as well as proof that you have paid said order. 

Once you're done ordering via the vending machine you are then asked to wait and answer a questionnaire (don't worry there's no such thing as a wrong answer) this questionnaire basically would ask you how flavorful your Ramen would be? how spicy would you like it to be? Would you want to have only green or white onions? Would you want extra garlic bits? There are two pages of the questionnaire, the second half is used if and when you would want to order additional things. 

Once your tables are ready you are then asked to go inside the Ramen house... the tables look like a bar type thing, with stools for you to sit on, hooks to hang your bags on the side of each table and there are "partitions/walls" in between  each person's table, it is detachable though for those people who are not eating alone. In each station there you will see a faucet (Drinking water station) at the back will be the cups, your chopsticks and in front of you will be a window with some sort of blinds and a rectangular shaped buzzer for you to call on the waiter if and when you have any concerns with your ramen order. After a few minutes a waiter will then serve you a steaming hot bowl of GOODNESS. 

So I need a moment and a paragraph to talk about the Ramen itself, and let me take this moment of silence to thank God for bringing me and giving me the opportunity to go to Ichiran let alone to even review about it. The Ramen by face value would seem too simple, uncomplicated and just what you would expect it to look like. It has a creamy sauce, just enough ramen noodles into view with the signature Ichiran red chili powder, green onions on the side and three thinly sliced pork. The aroma that hits you can pretty much bring you down to your knees, this overwhelming warmth that will envelop you to such comfort and such ease and once you take in that first sip of the broth ----  OH MY GOD!!!! HEAVEN!!!! The broth itself is honestly an enigma to me, I know that since it is Pork Ramen the logical road would suggest that the broth would come from pork bones and meat. But I honestly can taste a bit of something fishy mixed with the soup, the creamy texture that I thought was milk or cream mixed into the soup was apparently upon research suggest that it might be pulverized bones of the meat for having to simmer in low heat for more than 24 hours a day. The spices they used I'm sure there is garlic and ginger other than that--- I have no idea anymore what brings about this signature taste that is Ichiran Ramen. A second refill and a full stomach after you can bet that I stepped out from that place happy and all the more fulfilled to have had that experience. 


A quick and easy delicious meal after walking for what feels like thousands of miles already---- Ichiran Ramen is just THE BEST thing you can find in the heart of anywhere in Japan. I know it might not be the most authentic of Ramens, and I know it is very much compared to fast food restaurants such as Jollibee and McDonalds but then despite the bad rep of such fast food joints no one can ever claim that they taste bad. So just like that Ichiran Ramen slurp its way into the cockles of my heart. And i urge you all for those who are planning to go to Japan to stop by  and experience that is ---- ICHIRAN RAMEN.