It happened one Sunday afternoon....

                                  I know this is not really something that I normally write about especially if it's supposed to be something that was to have me talk about food. And normally that would've been the easier route as suppose to me writing whatever you would call this article that I'm typing on about, but I for one don't chicken out from a challenge, especially if the task at hand that I consider difficult is about remembering something that happened about two years ago on one Sunday afternoon. 

By the way since this is something random that happened to me ages ago I don't really have pictures to somehow show you that event in my life, because well that would've been creepy and weird if I took a picture of that event specifically, so as to not make my blog look like a boring essay I will be posting pictures of food because who doesn't love food right? And also because I would want people to have the impression that this is in fact a food review--- BUT not really. FYI all the pictures in this blog article is from the Dave's Beanery menu which is where the setting of my story happened. 

So it all started with me doing exactly the same thing every Sunday. I would get up at five and feed my dog, read a chapter of a book I'm currently reading at that time, take a bath and by 7:45 I'm out the door to go to the shop and do whatever work that's needed to be done. You see I prefer working alone in the quietness that is Sunday mornings, I don't like the hustle and bustle that happens pretty much every weekday in the bakery. Without my staff working on Sundays I get to enjoy the whole production area and it's silence where I can pretty much concentrate on whatever I needed to make that will be used on the following days to come without the constant phone calls and inquiries of customers. So just like every normal Sunday---- I spent around four hours doing whatever it was that I did, head on home just in time for lunch around that time I will then give my dog a bath, where I can then move on to my other chores may it be cleaning my room or going back to sleep which is what I often do. In the afternoons I usually go out with my friends or in some rare occasion I would muster up the mood to actually go out alone in some coffee shop and spend hours killing the time just reading whatever book I was currently nosing up on at that time.

   It's never really a conundrum for me to choose a place because I always prefer the closest location where I can get some peace and quiet, good food and a cup of tea to somehow loosen up anything that was tight at that moment --- and what just means is me trying to de-stress with a cup of tea... 

 I remember it was a rainy afternoon, not the kind of downpour that scares you into just staying put at home, but rather the kind that trickles down your window and has this steady hum of raindrops click clacking on your roof top, my favorite kind of rain...soft enough to get the ground wet and the air smell of petrichor but not strong enough to get you soaked up  when you walk out of your car even without an umbrella. Since I chose proximity I ended up at Dave's Beanery being the closest coffee shop in my area that's open on Sundays (yeah because I recently realized that our local coffee shops close during Sundays) 

I ordered my usual; A pot of Twinning's hot berry fruit tea and one whole Al Prosciuto pizza to sum up my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole day. After giving out my order I went upstairs to sit at my favorite spot which is of course---- at the utmost the corner of the room. I made myself comfortable and pretty much already gave my full attention to the pages of the book I was currently reading, flipping through pages while nibbling on my favorite thin crust pizza in town, it was at that moment when I never expected that I would in fact witness something beautiful. Unbeknownst to the people below there was a couple that I figured was on a date, like most couples do. In between my thoughts about the book, contemplating about my schedule for tomorrow and whatever life that happened outside the cafe there were two people on the other side of the room and out of no where the guy just went down on his knees and asked his girlfriend if she would want to marry him and be with him for the rest of their lives? 

Wow, the book I read that time was a love story, though well written as it was it didn't move me with the same impact as to what I was witnessing unfold before my very eyes when the girl while crying said "Yes"  to the man she loves. They embraced and whispered to one another what I imagine to be their short informal vows to one another. Meanwhile on the other side of the room what felt like thousands of miles away from these two people there was girl minding her own business and was completely at awe for what she was able to be part of at that moment even if she is just a bystander. 

My breathe was taken away ---- I was so unnervingly terrified at the same time, overwhelmed by such emotions I never thought I could feel for two people -------- two strangers that are so happy, very happy to a point that it moved me to tears. It was so beautiful, and despite not having to know their love story, not knowing their background, I know deep down that what they have is real. (Or maybe I HOPE what they have is real)  It was terrifying for me because in this world we live in right now and forgive me for being a skeptic, but who could blame me? There are a lot of fake things in this world that we mistake for love that I'm more surprised if a relationship would last as suppose to hearing someone cheat on someone, isn't that sad?  My faith in humanity wears thin every passing year... and maybe that's why God intended me to witness something of a miracle that Sunday afternoon, maybe it was His way of telling me not to lose faith and not to lose hope in people. One thing's for sure I pretty much went inside the doors of Dave's Beanery as one person and went out with a changed perspective on things. 

 I'm writing about something that happened two years ago and I admit there are times I wonder what happened to those two, I ask if they actually lived happily ever after? Or have they broken up? I decided it's better for me not to know the answer to those questions, just because it's better to leave a moment hanging, to the wonder of the unknown. 

To this day, that memory lives within me. Looking back I wonder "What if I decided to go to Starbucks instead? or What If I decided to stay home?" then I wouldn't be able to see "LOVE" blossom.So what changed you might ask? Here are the things I learned from that moment on;  There's a reason for everything that happens in our lives, there's a story everywhere-----  we just need to listen and look at things more closely or in a different light. You can find happiness in the simple things in life, it doesn't necessarily have to be a grand gesture to yourself or to others, it could be as easy as treating yourself with one whole layer of your favorite thin crust pizza or enjoying the warmth of the tea on a cold rainy day. I learned that despite all the changes that happens in and out of our lives ----  I'm comforted by the fact that I know that if I just go into my car and drive a couple of minutes to Dave's Beanery I would get the same joy in knowing that their pizza would remain the thinnest and crispiest pizza in town--- which is why I go back there every now and then,  I'll be elated to know that there's always going to be a cafe nearby my neighborhood that serves beef mania and bacon pancakes at 8 in the morning and I wouldn't have to deal with the crowds in the mall to get a good cup of tea.  I would still be astounded by the sheer size of their cakes and the beauty of their interior in this little corner cafe that has become the place where I meet my friends and share hundreds of memories with talking about our plans in the future, sharing our disappointments of the present and reminiscing good things from the past. 

 It just amazes me how one second can make a huge difference to maybe thousands of lives, one day could change a hundred people's minds or hearts about something, anything..., one month could feel like a whole year for someone who is lost or hurt and one Sunday afternoon might be what one person needed to restore her faith; in people, in love and in life. 

So I ask have you been to Dave's Beanery? If yes --- then somehow we share a small place and that would be one of our connection if we meet someday. If not--- then I urge you to go there, they have the thinnest, crispiest pizza in town; I recommend the Al Prosciuto but if you prefer a stronger flavor of pizza their three cheese is not that bad either. In the mornings when you're too lazy to cook for yourself I recommend the Beef Mania it just gives you the right amount of spicy, sour, sweet and salty...., and when there are just those kinds of days that leave you tired and exasperated with life I recommend one ball of their original chocolate truffles --- it's bittersweet and goes immensely well with their tea, and also cause you deserve a little treat every now and then.  I'm not a coffee drinker but the sight and smell of their rainbow latte would bring anyone warmth and comfort. And when you have to hang out with your friends or a special someone without the noise and the crowd --- I recommend the place. And if you ask me what day I recommend you go to Dave's Beanery?  go there on Sunday afternoons...

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