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Part 1: What the Pho Vietnam? 

                                So I've been away for quite some time over the last two weeks of November, just cause when you're young and able might as well TRAVEL right? So for the heck of it I've decided to travel with my friend along with her family and we will be traveling to three countries starting with Vietnam.

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A Letter to your ex friend/s.

                                                  Let me tell you something that's bound to happen in your lifetime.

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I Love Mondays Part2. (Breaking the Semester) 

                                               Yes my friends, yesterday was another Monday that made me want to just love Mondays forever.

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Extraordinary Means- Robyn Schneider

                                                                  So I read this book yesterday it’s called Extraordinary means by Robyn Schneider and it made me question a lot about things in life in general.

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Eventually Moving On. 

"No, I'm not angry I'm just hurt." is what everyone would say when they are trying to get over the fact of what once was and trying to adapt to what is now.

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                         Heeeeyyyy guys!!!! so I just recently got back from one of the most gastronomical trips yet--- and well I'm one of those people who just says life is too short to just not let it take my breath away--- as in IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY WITH THE MANY CALORIES I'VE ACTUALLY GAINED IN THREE DAYS!(hehe) So yes, whatever trips you have to go to, while we're still young , pretty much no important obligations holding you down and financially able to go to a lot of places and experience a lot of things, why not right?  I was invited to go to Ilo-ilo with my friend and her family, while searching the internet what is there to do in Ilo-ilo the choices were minimal around this time of year, just because with places in the Philippines one would expect either, beaches, festivals, nature adventures and last but not the least food.

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Redtail Shrimps and More...

                                                                                                                                  Under the sea, under the sea--- no wait, I'm sorry for the lame introduction, but what else can I say? If you're looking for some "Boiling Crab" style way of serving up their dishes just like in California then here's the place to be.

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Magills Bistro

                                            I’m all about food------ whatever kind of cuisine, whatever kind of way you should eat and wherever it should be eaten just cause well Ibelieve that the place where you’re going to eat your food is part of the experience.

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Sentro 1850

                                      Located in the heart or literally "SENTRO" of the city is what it's named after and the whole thing about 1850 numbers was just added because at that time it was the price for gas , but the owners wanted to have a whole "classy"  feel to it and the fact that the numbers somehow made it work and made it seem more legit----made me think that I was reading too much or putting too much meaning towards "1850" and here I am fourteens years later chuckling at the thought of it, the thought that is eighteen pesos and fifty cents per liter of gas--- how prosaic.

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Paulo Coelho once said "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal."  And if you're like me whose pretty much running a business, pretty much literally hands on with my job then you can say that I have a routine that's calculated well enough for me to make my cakes look and taste awesome, otherwise well if I don't have everything organized you can just bet that everything will be all topsy turvy and even my staff will be suffering from a lot of mishaps just because I wasn't able to manage everything just right.

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